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Cooking and Other Culinary Skills



Love the taste and smell of freshly baked bread, straight out of the oven? Always wanted to bake your own sourdough, but don't know where to start? In this sourdough basics workshop, you'll learn about maintaining a sourdough starter culture, mixing and developing the dough, shaping and baking a loaf, and you'll walk away with the skills and confidence to start your own sourdough baking journey at home. Once you learn how to make your own delicious, chewy sourdough, you won't be able to go back to eating supermarket bread!

You will also get to enjoy a sourdough-inspired dinner as part of the workshop. What you'll get to take home:

A set of instructions for looking after your starter culture and a recipe for a basic sourdough loaf
A sourdough starter culture - Fermenting dough to take home to bake the following day

What to bring:
A mixing bowl
A measuring cup or jug
A waterproof jar or container in which you'll take home the starter culture
A tea towel

COST: $90.00 
Optional: A bread tin - this can help make it easier to shape loaves but is not necessary.


Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Lacto-fermented Pickles and Wild Fermented Kombucha and Sourdough Mother. What is fermented food? Do you
know they are good for your gut health? How is it made? What types of ferments are there? Chances are, you have eaten fermented foods
before and did not realise it. Many traditional food preserving methods are actually fermented such as olives and pickled onions are lactofermented.
Sour- dough bread, yoghurt, vinegar, even beer and wine. In this work- shop you will learn to make five simple ferments on the day and take them home so you can continue to ferment for years to come.. Anyone can learn make simple ferments and move to a healthier lifestyle. This workshop includes a light lunch of local breads, ferments, cheeses, preserves and pickles.
COST: $120.00

What to bring:
NB: Students to bring five jars (one very large, minimum 1 litre) and an apron and a cooler bag) if it is warm.
Book early as places will be strictly limited.



Cheesemaking is a simple skill anyone can learn. Labneh, Ricotta, Camembert and Halloumi are easy to make in your own home. It only takes a little knowledge to become a master and the superior handmade flavour will impress anyone. Each participant will take three cheeses home as well as recipes and your own cheese mould so you can make many more in the future. You will never waste yoghurt again once you know how to make Labneh. Ricotta can be made in five minutes and is delicious drizzled with honey. Age your Camembert in your own environment to create a cheese that is as unique as yourself. Once you eat Halloumi crafted with your own hands you will never bother with inferior ones from the supermarket again. A light lunch of spanakopita and baked camembert will be provided and we will taste test ricotta and halloumi once it’s freshly made.
Please bring with you - 3-4 containers to take your cheeses home an apron and a cooler bag if the weather is warm.
COST: $130.00