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Pre-Accredited Courses 2018



Learn the principles of “Permaculture & Horticulture” with hands on learning. This course can provide you with basic work-related skills relevant to work in the Horticulture sector, or help you if you have an interest and desire to learn more about horticulture and permaculture and how you can incorporate the principles at home.
It is an introductory course that leads into the accredited horticulture, or accredited permaculture Certificate II and III courses offered at the centre. It can help you decide what certificate course is right for you, or if you want to take on further studies or not. It is also great for those who are returning to study as adult mature age students who may be thinking of undertaking further studies on these subjects. Pre accredited courses are gently paced and ease you back into study in a fun way. Give us a call if you re-quire any further information, or if you need assistance to decide what course is right for you! We are there to help you.



We are very excited to be introducing a great new course in “Animal Studies.” This introduction course focuses on students having a hands-on experience in realistic work conditions and if you are look-ing for work in this industry you will learn of the employer expectations of day to day life on a farm. The course focuses on the basic skills, knowledge and principles of animal husbandry - food, water, shelter, cleaning and sustainability and animal OHS.


Please note courses marked with an asterisk are ACFE pre-accredited courses and require the ACFE enrolment form. Click here to download.

Call us to enquire and book early as places are strictly limited.


Courses marked with an * are subsidised by Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE). We are required to charge a student contribution consistent with Ministerial directions on Fees and Charges. Other fees are to assist us to pay tutors, amenities and all other costs involved in conduction of courses.

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